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We can help you create your own product series and provide a full range of services from design to delivery.

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Mingchangfa Knitting Co., Ltd., Dakeng village, Gurao Town, Chaoyang District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province.

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If you need to find an Bra manufacturer & underwear manufacturer, Welcome to contact us.

We were established in 1996, as a professional bra manufacturer, committed to bra design, bra manufacturing and providing high-quality Bbra products . We have nearly 30 years of underwear manufacturing experience. Can help you create your own series of bra products, and provide various services from bra design to delivery.
We pay attention to the selection and production of bra materials to ensure that each bra can withstand the test of time and wearing, so we put ergonomics and comfort first in the bra design and bra manufacturing process. Provide customers with high-quality, fashionable and comfortable bras, so that every customer can feel confident and beautiful. Whether you're looking for everyday bras or special occasion bras, we have a wide selection to suit different needs.


We try our best to provide a transparent and open supply chain for all customers. And respect and understand the different cultures of different countries. At present, we have cooperated with customers in more than 180 countries around the world, combining local strength with our own experience to produce high-quality products that meet customer requirements. At the same time, as a professional bra manufacturer, we not only pay attention to the quality of bras, but also pay attention to the cooperative relationship with customers. Whether it is a bra retailer, a bra distributor or a bra brand, we are willing to cooperate with you to jointly promote the underwear industry. The development of brass brings better bra wearing experience for women.


As a wholesale bra supplier, we offer a wide range of bra styles and sizes, offer competitive prices on all bra products, and our experienced and passionate team will guide you through the entire bra underwear purchasing process. And provide all necessary services, such as bra product development, bra packaging design, bra production and logistics.


We are a bra manufacturer and have an international design team that has mastered the latest commercial fashion trends, we provide customers of different ages and body types with fabric selection, design and production solutions for various types of small, medium and large bras Infinite customization possibilities. Our ability to cater for all your bra design and customization needs sets us apart from the competition in the bra space, to ensure bra designs and specifications are accurate, bra samples can be provided to start-ups and corporates, we keep our customers informed throughout the bra manufacturing process Workmanship and quality inspection and reporting.Our bra manufacturing facility produces a full line of premium sports bras for running, working out, sports, yoga and more. We are experts in truly understanding your needs from bra and underwear manufacturers and working with them to make sure you get what you want.


We have a range of bras that we design and manufacture in-house, with strict quality control at every stage of production, checking stitching, details and construction. This helps ensure that each bra is made to high quality standards. A final review is performed after production to ensure that each bra product is as expected in terms of quality and appearance. Then the bra products are carefully packaged. The production process of bra making requires a high degree of expertise and precise operations. From raw materials to finished products, all links are closely connected to ensure that the final output of bra products can meet the needs of customers in terms of quality and fashion. As a professional bra manufacturer, we have a long-term and stable inventory supply, which can meet the needs of customers for quick purchase and quick sales.

Social Compliance

All of our bra production is audited by our own quality control team and complies with all local, international and our client standards. Social responsibility as a bra manufacturer encompasses many aspects, from the environment and labor rights to community and consumer health, and requires proactive steps to ensure the business plays an active role in social, international and environmental sustainability.

Shantou Chaoyang Gurao Mingchangfa Knitting Co., Ltd. is a leading bra and underwear manufacturing factory in the world. We improve the social performance of the entire supply chain by integrating resources. Our factory complies with the audit programs of WCA and CSR, and is committed to the values and principles of the relevant code of conduct.

Quality Control

Throughout the bra ordering process, we place great emphasis on quality to ensure that the bras meet all requirements and standards. This starts with the selection of materials and accessories, where bra fabrics, bra accessories and bra accessories are sourced to meet quality requirements. Our quality control team will conduct bra fabric material inspection to ensure that the bra raw materials are free of defects. In addition, during the bra production process, our quality controllers also check every key step, including cutting, sewing, fitting and detailing. They look at the stitching, alignment, embellishments, etc. of the bra products to ensure that each bra product is as designed. Quality control in bra manufacturing is a continuous process that covers the entire production chain from raw material selection to final product delivery. Through rigorous inspection and testing, we as a bra manufacturer strictly ensure that the products offered meet our customers' expectations in terms of quality and reliability.


There is no requirement for the minimum order quantity for our series in stock. The color and size of the goods can be matched at will.